News & Apologies

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been super busy all around, so haven’t had much time for posting over here on my personal site.

I’m working on an amazing website with a friend, that will be a super resource for all of SL. I’ll be showing you this new venture soon!

Now to the task at hand. At some point this month, WordPress updated some things, and it not only retired my theme for the blog, but in the process, it screwed up formatting and all my font colours. Normally I’d just change them all back, but because the theme is retired, I can no longer change the colours. I could if it was a paid blog site, but I have a free one.

This means the site is a bit funny looking right now, it went totally purple, and all my links are now black.

I’ll be getting a new theme, but things might randomly disappear from the site while I get things added back in and whatnot.

Just bare with me as I update and try to fix this issue.




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