Another New Venture

I have found recently that I feel rather limited in how I can blog now. I still enjoy all the blogs I blog on, but I think I have evolved to the point where I actually need my own place, where I can do anything, with no censorship. It does not mean I will stop doing what I am doing else wheres, it just means I have a place to go to, to do whatever I want.

This will be messy, it wont have a structure per say. I will have all my avis on here. I might blog events, fashion, travel, sims, old product no longer on the grid, art. There may be nudity. There may be poetry and stories.

What I can tell you is that I will continue being the unique sl creature that I am.

You will also see LadyLight Koolhoven and Dayal Navarathna here. Enjoy the random Man candy, and the cute little Ethnic Bee Lady.