Throwback Thursdays – Ivalde

Helena Stringer - Pixel Mythos - Throwback Thursdays - Ivalde

There are many items, over the years, that I have purchased items, with the intent to do something artistic with them. Some things aren’t to my avatar’s style, but would still call to my artistic nature.

Sadly, sometimes stores close, before I would ever get around to doing something.

I’ve never been much for one to do art for the sake of art, I would rather pore that creativity into my store and the creations I make for it. Blogging is an art form to me, in a sense, tho others wont view it as such. I’ve never blogged just to blogging, it is normally shapes and colours, sometimes even the “feeling” of something, that makes me want to do a post. You wont always know why I do what I do. I don’t always talk about it, the inspiration to the various looks. There is a story to each one, that I can say for sure.

When blogging, I want to show the items, as they are in sl, I don’t like to drastically change my shots, instead I try to get the best shot inworld possible. This means sometimes my posts aren’t as beautiful as some of the bloggers out there. I envy them their art forms, and how they can portray items, while still having a clarity to the overall finished pictures.

What does this all have to do with today?

Well, I am starting a little series, called Throwback Thursdays, where I take some items you can no longer purchase, and I do some sort of artisty thing with them.

This way I don’t feel obligated to tell you where to get all the items, you can’t get them anyway. This way I can just play, and do something different, as well as blabber at you all.

This week I am showcasing Ivalde. The store has been in the sl chat mill a lot lately, due to a certain avatar coming back into our midst. Beuanna is her name, her current avatar is new, but she use to work at the Ivalde shop. She has had a lot of us reminiscing. You can check out her blog HERE.

I bought this wedding dress, never with the intent to actually wed, but with the hopes of doing something cool with it. I actually have a few wedding dresses in inventory. I couldn’t even tell you why, as I would never wear white to a wedding, haha. I am so pale, I dislike whites and pastels, and that sort of carried over to second life.

I do have a passion for HUGE dresses in sl, this one is tame in comparison to some of the ones in my collection. I can only think that that, and the whimsey of it, called to me to make the purchase. I know at the time Ivalde was around, I was much more frugal that I am now, with my lindens. So I must have really felt something with this dress, in order to purchase it, when I wouldn’t ever use it as an everyday item.

I am glad to finally use it for something, and have it digitally immortalized on my flickr.

I have a lot of fond memories of Ivalde, the sims where the store was, and the people who were frequently there.


I suck with blogger challenges, I think I have done all of about 5 in all 7 of my years blogging for second life.

I do think it is important to remember where we came from, and how the game has evolved. So if you are like me, and still have those few items you have kept horded away in a box, in the bottom of your inventory, because you just can’t get rid of them, I ask you to join me.

Feel free to blog with me, every Thursday(well it doesn’t have to be Thursday for you, it will just be that day for me).

Challenge Keynotes:

– Item does not have to be from a store that is closed, it just has to be an older item that you can’t part with
– Tell us a little about the item, or the designer/store
– Feel free to link your posts in the comments section of my weekly throwback, I will check them all out