Repost – Bring Green to Life

Helena Stringer - IOF - Bring Green to Life - 1

In a world set far apart from ours, a land is plagued by something that is sucking all the joy, colour and life out of the various realms.

They people prayed to their gods,  but it seemed after years of of no answer, the people of the land have had enough.

A forest witch was tasked with summoning from the earth, the last remaining seed of life, into a solid form, humanoid form.

Wherever the Flora Elemental walked, the world started to heal. No one knew the consequences of this unique situation, and barely anyone could understand the creature enough to find out solid answers. Her words twisted around much like the vines sprouting from her head. She was a site to look at though, and the people flocked at a safe distance, as she walked from place to place.

Once the world was healed, she simply walked back into the forest, whence she came. People now set Hydrangeas at the edge, as offerings, every summer.

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Repost – Seraseeya, Watcher of the River of Souls

Helena Stringer - IOF - Seraseeya - 2

Seraseeya was an unusual creature. With a foot in both worlds, she was neither human, nor fully a beast. Her mother was a harpy who had the unfortunate accident of picking a human male as a mate. We wont go into details, but the result was Seraseeya, and her 3 other sisters.

Things were not too bad to start. The Harpy Broodmothers could tell there was something a bit different about them, they had funny feet and they lacked claws on their hands. There was not a feather on their head, nor much hair to speak of.  They let them be, thinking they would grow into their features.

As the years passed, it became apparent that there was indeed something wrong, they looked more human, than harpy. This would not do.

Late one night, a group of Broodmothers crept up on Seraseeya’s family nest. Before her mother could so much as shriek, 2 of Seraseeya’s siblings were murdered. Seraseeya, who just happened to be the strongest of the brood, took her remaining sister, and fled, fumbling in the sky, with the extra load of her whimpering sister. She could hear her mother below, blood raged, poring her loss into the fight for their lives.

She flew as far as she could, until she could take no more, hoping that the night would hide them well enough, if anyone trolled the skies nearby.

Come morning, taking in her surroundings, she noticed her sister nearly in the river, legs anchored ashore, and wings limp on the surface.

Rushing over, grabbing her sister, she could feel the cold of her body, the start of the stiffness. The world goes dark, the colour leaches, and the waters calm. As she cries with her last remaining sister in her arms, she notices the now thick mist, and a strange noise.

Something solid parts the mist, from the river. Not willing to giver her sister up to whatever may come, Seraseeya slowly backed up the shore, stopping once both she and her sister’s body were fully planted on the firm ground.

The shape got bigger, looking rather tall, though round, at the bottom. At least it didn’t appear to have wings. She waited. It got closer.

It turns out to be a boat, with the most curious of creatures she had seen yet, in her short span of life. She knows there are others out there, humanoids like the harpies, as well as ones more beastly. This one looked to be of the humanoid sort, though it’s bones looked like they were on the outside of it’s skin. It’s eyes glowed, almost with a heat that sent wisps wafting with the movement of the boat.

The boat moored on the bank, and the creature continued to look at her. At last it chose to speak.

“You see me”, it stated in a male voice.

“Yes, I see you.”

“This is not to be. No one sees me, unless it is their time to cross the River of Souls.”

She then felt a movement, of the body she held. Her sister, sluggish, twitched and slowly got up.

“You, you are who I am here for. Your mother fought bravely to keep you in this world, but alas, the cut you received last night was of the most potent of poisons. Your breath on this world is done, and it is time to meet your fate in the next phase of your being. Come now, get in the boat. I will reunite you with your fellow fallen. You, the other, you still have blood pumping in your veins, yet you see me?”

Seraseeya nods, unsure of her own voice at this point.

“You may come along as well, I will let it pass, as it my leave. I will take you to Hades, he will know what to do with you.”

The Ferryman held out his hand, taking first her sister, then herself, onto the boat.

That was just the beginning, of the story, of Seraseeya, the Watcher of the River of Souls.

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