Here you will find a list of all the Short Stories, Continuing Stories and Poems that have been written, while enjoying the world of SL.

Continuing Stories

Swim with Me – A Mer Realms story created exclusively for Fantasy Faire 2016

The Start of the Journey
A Queen’s worries
The Merge

River of Souls – A Mythical Mergation(yup totally a word now) of many roman, greek, viking, celtic . . . so on . . . creatures, gods and heros.

Seraseeya, Watcher of the River of Souls

One Off Stories

Fantasy Faire 2016 – Powercourse
Fantasy Faire 2015 – YoZakura Sim
Fantasy Faire 2015 – Glacial Fae Guardian
I think I just ate the Groom
Bring Green to Life
Lake Serpent

Stories by other SLers; featured here

Nothing gold can Stay – within is a story about a unique skin, created by the store OtherSkin

Short Poems

Bats by Moonlight
Today we Ride
Swim with Me
Light Weaver
Thinking in the Dark

There are more than what is here, I just got to find them all, might take a wee bit, haha.