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While I might not be the most active blogger, in comparison to some, I do get sent review copies, and I do have some stores that consider me an official blogger. I have friends who are designers, who I often get packs for, and am in a lot of events, which I happen to cover as well.

I have never understood why it is of much use, for a reader of a blog, to know exactly what a blogger has purchased, or has not.

I will not put notations on the credits of my posts.

I will however list here there store which I am considered an Official Blogger, those friends I often cover, and the store I have deemed myself an unofficial blogger. I will also list all the event I frequently choose to blog, or am invited to blog.

This page is a work in progress. Please be patient.

Official Blogger

!Chop Shop!, Adoness, [Circa], Devae, Digital Aura, FuLo, SongBird, Soul

UnOfficial Blogger

AZE, Uncertain Smile, Frick, Lolapop, Deadpool

Event Coverage

Genre, Fantasy Gacha Carnival, World Goth Fair, Horrorfest, Horrorfestive, Zombie Fest, Skin Fair, Shoetopia,


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