The Green Queen is Back

The Green Queen

Hey there . . .

It has been a long time, and for some reason, my blog is still getting amazing stats, not as good as when new posts come out, but not the low numbers I was expecting of a blog that hasn’t had new content since HairFair 2016.

I left shortly after HairFair, I think it was around August 5th, just before I got setup done for Totally Top Shelf.

I was having internet issues, and then one thing led to another, and it was like a huge cannon ball, which just kept me from being inworld. Once I got to a point where I could be, it had become easy to just not. When I am in SL, I am just gogogo all the time. It’s not a bad thing, I just love doing so many things, designing, blogging, traveling, being a mermaid . . . haha.

I have to say, the time away let me enjoy my growing family, as my children were all fairly young when my unfortunate leaving happened. I also was able to get back into my RL arts.

My RL sister, who is Cherelle Capra inworld, the Designer/Owner of CIRCA Living, recently came for a visit, and conned me back in. I can say I am back, but am unsure of the direction I am going in.

I have already started blogging, helping a long time friend Ylva, over on Second Life Syndicate. I will be doing all sorts of stuff over there, behind the scenes, and on the blog. It is helping me learn about all the new SL things, because a lot has changed in the 3 1/2 years I have been gone.

That brings about the store . . . I really don’t know what I am going to do. Everything was so focused on original mesh, and I hadn’t even gotten to the point where I could make things like flowers yet. I was in very early stages of understanding mesh. I have now not been meshing for almost 4 years. I can’t say I remember how to do it, haha. Blender has also changed since then, and I will have to relearn things.

SL is also more hud driven than it use to be, and I tried to stay away from scripting as much as possible, I really do dislike it. But I think that is the future, so I will have to hud my hair. No fun for me, but it means that the new texture line for the store will have lots of fun colours. I am hoping to get all that sorted by this year’s Hair Fair, textures, huds and relearning mesh.

In the meantime, I will be putting product on SL Marketplace. Did you know I have like over 50 products that just never made it to the shop??? The Hair Fair hairs haven’t been out either, because it ended just as my net died. So I will focus on getting things out that are ready now, and update them to the new system later. Hopefully you can be patient with me on that one.

Free*Style . . . my first experience with blogging. It was because of Free*Style that I was able to land a job as a RL Beauty Blogger in Canada, for a time, while I was away. It was an amazing experience. The skills you learn in SL can transfer over to real life. I was working for companies like Benefit, Covergirl and L’Oreal, it was sort of surreal.

Anyways, back to Free*Style . . . I haven’t managed to catch Sileny yet, and as Co-Owner, I don’t feel it would be right for me to just go and do whatever I want without telling her. I want to upgrade Shop Free*Style, freshen it up with new designers, and make it more up-to-date with all the mesh body stuff. I want to continue my tutorial series. I still love freebie shopping, it was the first thing I did when I came back, so naturally still want to share.

It is good to be back. I have been talking to people, and running into others. I have been really enjoying BOM. I have 40 head demos, and can’t find one I like, did that happen to you all???

Anyways, I’ll be seeing you around,


My Absence

In late october I got into a little accident on the homefront, which gained me a major concussion. It took me a while to function properly again, as I was having issues standing, being in the light, going up stairs, or down them, extreme nausea. It was sort of like being pregnant again, without anything to look forward to in the end.

My partners began to notice that I was having memory issues, some long term, mostly short term.

I am still having issues with this, and probably will over the next 6 months.

I started back up in second life, as soon as I could deal with the computer and it’s brightness. Things are sort of sketchy. I have had to relearn most things, and blender feels like I am back to 2 years ago, in my learning spectrum.

I can’t remember many of my passwords, but luckily figured out my wordpress ones recently.

So bare with me, as my poor brain heels.


Where is that Stringer at?

Hey guys, I have been gone for a good chunk of time, due to the RL health issues of my youngest son.

I just got back home this past sunday, so should be back on a more normal blogging routine, when hair fair stuff gets wrapped up.

Just wanted to let you know, I didn’t ditch you all!