Helena Stringer - Pixel Mythos - Crystals

Very rarely do I blog in the H&G category. I actually have never had a home in sl, prims are precious. Even with the 2 sims, and all the mainland I have, I just always thought it was silly to waste the prims on a home.

I do have urges every once in a while, and sometimes things are just too cool to pass up. That is what these huge Crystals are for me. Something really cool, that I wanted, and didn’t care if I had a place for them. I will eventually put one out at my store desk, or in my work station(which is where I photographed these).

CELESTE - Crystal Clusters

If you want some random crystals for yourself, then you have to head on down to Ostara’s Alter Event. These are the New and Exclusive item from Celeste.

If you are up to a slight, not so challenging challenge, there is this really cool globe thing, that Celeste has out for their Hunt item. It is only L$5, and the eggs in the hunt are rather huge and easy to find.

Celeste - Globe

If you would like to see what else is at the event, there is a wonderful gallery, with all exclusives, plus all the L$5 Hunt items.

Event Gallery


Building – Bad Unicorn – Eden Building
Wall Backer – Plastik – Huna Wall Panel #1 in Shinna
Crystals – Celeste – Gradient Crystals in Green 1, Aqua 2 and Yellow 3 – *NEW & Exclusive* @ Ostara’s Alter Event until April 19th

The numbers correspond to the configuration of the crystals, not so much to the sizes. Or that is the way it seems to me. They are Copy/Mod, so you can change the sizes anyway.

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