Flickr Explore – awarded Feb 19th

Helena says
So I put up this little shot yesterday, on my flickr, because I wanted people to have a little update as to why I had been doing sl related things, but my flickr was not active. My flickr being inactive is rather unusual. Low and behold, I had a bunch of randoms favoriting the shot.

Due to the last time this happened, which you can read HERE, I sort of figured out what might be going on, so I checked and yup, I was in the Explore feature. Thanks Flickr Gods and analytical creatures. Thanks to all those on my timeline, that gave me the stats needed to get my silly little picture up on Explore. Sorta wish I didn’t have the words on there now, but that might have been one of the reasons if got so many clicks, haha.

If you are interested in what I am wearing, I have very mild credits on the actual flickr picture, just click it above.

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