My Absence

In late october I got into a little accident on the homefront, which gained me a major concussion. It took me a while to function properly again, as I was having issues standing, being in the light, going up stairs, or down them, extreme nausea. It was sort of like being pregnant again, without anything to look forward to in the end.

My partners began to notice that I was having memory issues, some long term, mostly short term.

I am still having issues with this, and probably will over the next 6 months.

I started back up in second life, as soon as I could deal with the computer and it’s brightness. Things are sort of sketchy. I have had to relearn most things, and blender feels like I am back to 2 years ago, in my learning spectrum.

I can’t remember many of my passwords, but luckily figured out my wordpress ones recently.

So bare with me, as my poor brain heels.



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