SL Travel – Santaurio

SL Travel - Santaurio - 1

Found this little gem, which is a bit different. When you land, you are at this crashed plane. You have to click the lady you will see, and then click the group option. You wont be able to get to the shore, without the group tag.

The group is L$300 to join, but the money goes to the upkeep of the sim. It’s like tipping a location, in a way. You also get perks, you are able to rez objects, which is a wonderful thing for photographers.

I don’t think L$300 is too bad for a great summer retreat. There are lots of locations that are inspiring on the island, which would make for great photo opportunities. Also, the fee makes it slightly more exclusive, so you wont be bothered as much while visiting.

SL Travel - Santaurio - 2

SL Travel - Santaurio - 3

SL Travel - Santaurio - 4

SL Travel - Santaurio - 5

SL Travel - Santaurio - 6

SL Travel - Santaurio - 7

Location – Santaurio


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