SL Travel – Varna Londe

SL Travel - Varna Londe
Varna Londe is a beautiful place to visit. I didn’t find any area on the sim visually unappealing. Everything seemed to have the right balance, for what the area was trying to achieve.

Perfect place to go to for fantasy pictures, or just to hang out. There are a few items place about with poses, and if I recall correctly, there is a little dance area with a dance orb.

SL Travel - Varna Londe
SL Travel - Varna Londe
SL Travel - Varna Londe
SL Travel - Varna Londe

Location – Varna Londe


5 responses to “SL Travel – Varna Londe

    • No Problem, I get more site hits off the travel posts, than the fashion, which surprised me at first. I am lucky enough to have a few places to share my finds now. I like doing on location shots, so am always TPing around the grid to strange locations. Happy to share!

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      • Really? I wouldnt have guessed! But I suppose everybody can tp more than they can buy things you post, tping is free.
        I have a massive landmarks folder. Every year I go through and cut out all the ones that don’t go where I expect them to anymore, but It never seems to shrink.


  1. It is true. I know it will happen now, but I still seem surprised every travel post, anyway, haha.

    You are right there tho, TPing is free. Also, not many will cover locations. There are travel blogs, I follow a few foreign ones. Fashion Bloggers don’t seem to always think to credit location, or to show shots without themselves in it. Unless it is a special event, you will see it more then.

    It might help that I look for specific things when I do on location shots, that lead people to like the locations I cover more.

    I still don’t know all the analytics of it.


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