ZOMG – Lappy is back!

So it seems that the motherboard blew up, and it was a factory defect. So I have a lovely new motherboard, a nice clean lappy.

So happy!

Bad news tho, they obviously had to factory reset it, so I lost all my windlights, as those aren’t something normally put on data recovery, as they hide in system file folders.

This shouldn’t change my blogging too much, but it does mean I might have to change how I do my ads now. I had a special windlight I made for my store ads, and I often used it for blogging. The only known copy I deleted from my google drive. Like an big dummy.

All the bad aside, it’ll be good to be able to work quickly again. My old laptop, it took me 2 days to do 3 hours worth of sl stuff

Can’t wait . . .


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